I have played many games since my discovery of the pure enjoyment from online gaming and my handle has changed over the years. I began playing Tribes using the handle “Draconite”. This wasn’t the beginning, there are neither beginnings nor endings on the wheel of time, but this was a beginning. It was not long into my Tribes career when I joined a group of friends in creating a competitive clan in the OGL (Online Gaming League) known as the Jade Dragons. With the new clan concept several of us chose a new handle befitting our skills, mine was “Random”. Eventually I was so involved with the game and it’s IRC forums that I was invited to be a moderator in their help channel. During my time there I earned the nickname “Peacekeeper” and later decided this handle fit more than any others. I began DJing online and shoutcasting (announcing/commentating) for different clan competitions when asked. This is when I started using the variation “DJPeacekeeper” or DJPK. JD disbanded due to scheduling conflicts and retired at rank 32/304 on the OGL and it was not long after that I quit Tribes all together.

After playing around with Counterstrike, Unreal Tournament, and Quake3 I decided to try something different. This was when I joined some friends on a Star Wars MUD (Multiple User Domain) which is a text-based online game. I was in college and it was easy to login during breaks in between classes from the library, as well as at home. I used several characters here, including Lupus Fallstar, Releck Fallstar, Ce’lal Criele Cafon, and Sphilter. I grew attached to Releck, both in name and story, and retired from the game after he died. His story is long and twisted and maybe someday I’ll have a chance to write it all out for here, or for book publishing.

Playing on a MUD was a good introduction to the world of MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), though I had yet to enjoy the graphical side. The next game I picked up was Everquest, thanks to persistent badgering from several friends. This was when I created Tozar, a dwarf cleric (healer) – the perfect dwarven name in my opinion. Not long afterwards I took up a second account from a friend retiring from EQ and Toregan was born. Toregan was an Iksar Monk (fighter) and with me playing on two computers he was a perfect duo with Tozar. EQ has paved the way for many other MMOs and even though I have played several other MMOs over the years, these accounts stayed active. I often went back and played a bit for nostalgia, but eventually the price wasn’t worth it. Those accounts are still in my control, just not paying to keep them active until the day comes to log back in.

When Star Wars Galaxies was in beta testing phase, I was able to get in and help. I thought this would be the perfect upgrade for my past enjoyment in SW MUDs, but after playing for nine months post-release I still felt unsatisfied. Here I played characters named Releck and Tozar Fallstar. Looking for something new, and after watching my roomate beta test, I bought City of Heroes. I have always enjoyed comics even though I have never been a diehard collector. CoH is another enjoyable game that I still have active and enjoy returning to from time to time. Some of my heroes are Releck Hunter, Sphilter, Last Don, Thorngage, Destined Heroine, Ruby Dragoness, Menstasis, and Criele. When they began beta testing their expansion, City of Villains, I was one of the first invited to test it out. CoV has since released and joined my repertoire, adding Baron Furor, Mord’Sith, Tozar, and Frishna to my list of villains.

During one of my long breaks playing Everquest my roomate was beta testing World of Warcraft and wanted me to play. Despite my stand against another MMO I gave in, after finding out most of my EQ friends were going to be playing WoW. I began WoW on a PvP (Player vs. Player) server with a dwarf hunter named Tozar. That character was played to the max level (at the time) and I spent many hours with him raiding end-game dungeons for the ubber loot, eventually growing tired of it and retiring. I then leveled up a human warlock, Celal, which soon became my main character. Tozar was my PvP character, fighting mostly in battlegrounds and arenas, whereas Celal was my PvE (Player vs. Environment) raiding character for the new end-game dungeons. I worked on several alternative characters, including a new race/class for the Alliance side – Draenei Shaman. Most of those alts are variation of the name Tozar (Tozzar, Tozaar, Tozarr, etc) since that’s how most people know me. I played Wow until recently as an officer of The Citadel, but have taken a break to pursue other MMOs.

I am currently playing Warhammer Online (WAR) as different characters, looking for one I enjoy the most. All of my character names are some rendition of previously mentioned and unique names – Tozar, Celal, Sphilter, Releck, Toregan, etc. I am also playing Command & Conquer 3, waiting for C&C: Red Alert 3 to release later this month (already pre-ordered). I’m looking forward to the release of Diablo 3 and Fable 2 as well.

Through all of my gaming over the years I have met many friends and grown closer to old friends. One of them introduced me to the world of pen-and-paper RPGs and my library has never ceased growing. I started out playing Werewolf: The Apocalypse, by White Wolf and soon learned the basics of how the game works. From there I branched out to other genres by White Wolf including Vampire: The Masquerade, Mage: Sorcerer’s Crusade, Changeling: The Dreaming, Trinity, and Aberrant. I also began playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Since then I have played nearly every pen-and-paper RPG I could lay my hands on, including Alternity, EQRPG, Wheel of Time RPG, D20 Modern, Shadowrun, Serenity RPG, Mutants & Masterminds, Rifts, and even some Gurps.

The internet has so much to offer, but the most enjoyment I get from it is playing with friends all over the world. As the years go by my childhood friends and I grow farther apart physically, but as long as there remains a game we can all enjoy online, we will never be disconnected.

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