Spam Bots

I hate them. They are basically internet terrorists dropping bombs of explicit links on innocent victims. My blog is hit regularly but my protection settings block them while the few that get through sit in the background awaiting my approval/deletion. Apparently my Wiki project is not so fortunate. Most of the spam is blocked, but recently a MySQL database error caused the site to reset protection settings to default which allows anyone to post.

I apologize to anyone who happened to find one of these links. Until further notice the wiki site will be inaccessible. This shouldn’t be an issue as it is an organizational tool for my personal project and isn’t ready for public access. At least now some of you know where the missing links to JS Wiki have gone.

Transformation Complete

So here it is, the new site. For old times sake the old site is still accessible, but all new posts will be here.

I decided against the MySpace move as I wouldn’t have enough control over it, or at least not the flexibility I want in my projects. Instead, I chose to use a different web blog formula that is more secure. I have been using WordPress for the World of Warcraft guild site I host – The Citadel. It will allow the form and function that I need for this site.

I also decided that the research project I mentioned before would be best organized through a wiki site. For now the JS Wiki Project will be limited in access, but linked from my homepage. A brief summary of this project can be found here. The wiki will allow me to control access to the information , both public and private. At some point I may decide to publish some/all of my findings and that will also be posted here in my blog. The wiki will also allow me to grant access to others for viewing and/or contributing to the research. This organizational step will take time to get started, but make a world of difference once it’s setup completely.

Additional Pages are tumbling around in my head and may eventually show up on the homepage, so keep an eye out for new content. I’m sure there will be posts regarding the more significant additions to come, including picture galleries and such.