Monthly Update

Or so it seems.  I really don’t mean to wait so long between posts, but it seems to happen every month. Here’s a quick update on what’s going on in my world.

  • New job is still great and I’m loving the travel. I hit Silver with Hilton and am over halfway to Silver with Delta, hoping some more trips to the West coast before year end will get me there.
  • Bought a new car!! I hope to have pictures up soon, though I’m guessing it will be Thanksgiving when I have a good chance to take some.  Thanks to my parents looking out for a sweet deal while I was scrounging around Atlanta, Dad test drove and fell in love with an awesome car.  According to the family it fits me and I’ve loved every minute of it.  2004 Nissan 350Z Roadster, silver with black leather interior, touring package, and well maintained with a great warranty.  I have loved these cars ever since I witnessed one beat the snot outta other cars during a drift racing demonstration. A stock 350Z with half the lap time as other heavily modded drifters. I love it.
  • Warhammer Online hasn’t kept me excited enough to play regularly and I’m not sure if I’m losing interest in MMORPGs or what.  I’ve kept up with City of Heroes/Villains and hit another milestone a couple weeks ago in Veteran Rewards.
  • I bought Red Alert 3 last week and have been playing it whenever I get a chance.  I don’t like the graphics as well as Command & Conquer 3, but I love the new Co-op Campaign options and the new faction Empire of the Sun.  The online game play menus have been streamlined and connections are smoother than with previous C&C games – good thing since we can’t run co-op campaigns over Hamachi/LAN.
  • I’ve continued my addiction with Arkham Horror – board game based off Cthulu mythos and H.P. Lovecraft stories.  It is absoulutely amazing – I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun playing a board game (Clue perhaps).
  • I’ve been getting more involved with the local music scene and have been impressed by several – Kristin Tinsley & Aclarion. Kristin has a great voice and performs solo with her acoustic guitar and original songs, as well as some classics.  Aclarion is reminiscent of Incubus, Pantera, Deftones, and Nine Inch Nails, but with a style all their own.  Depending on your tastes (or a mixture if you’re like me) I suggest checking these artists out and see if you can catch Kristin and Aclarion live in concert.
  • I am expanding the Shadowrun storyline I’m working up for the RPG group I run with in Murfreesboro, TN.  I’m utilizing one of my unused websites Peacekeeper Productions for a web portal to expand our game time between monthly sessions.  This will allow us to handle character maintenance and solo sessions without slowing down the group, especially when we can’t meet regularly and time is a factor.

Next Age of MMOs?

I have been losing interest in WoW lately, only occasionally logging in to PvP with friends when asked. I know the expansion is coming out soon, but I’m sure it’s going to be more of the same. The weekends are spent on CoX (City of Heroes/Villains) or C&C3 (Command & Conquer 3), since this is the best time to game with the friends across the big pond.

I’ve heard good things about a new MMO about to be released, through friends in Closed Beta. Sat night I picked up a Pre-Order at Target and signed up for Open Beta, which starts Sept 7th. I spent several hours researching the classes, lore, and plans for Warhammer Online and am very excited about this new experience. The Target Pre-Order costs $.99 and includes a $5 coupon for the game, Open Beta access, & 2 in game items. I know they don’t really do Pre-Orders through target, but it’s still not a bad deal to just check it out. I also learned there was a misprint on their Open Beta Access keys where O and 0 are actually Q, so if your code won’t validate try using Q instead. It worked for me.

Check out the game here:

Forum Signatures & Gaming

Throughout the history of gaming there have been websites and forums dedicated to informing the masses. I have met many new friends through these and love to keep in contact with them even after the games are gone. The one group that stands out the most is Salslak, which originated as a SWG (Star Wars Galaxies) guild/clan/tribe/corp. Their forums went down a few months ago and I thought I had lost contact with them until a good friend linked me to their new forums. Not many of them still play SWG, but we all keep in touch about our latest gaming choices and the forums have grown into subcategories for the different games. World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, City of Heroes/Villains, & Lord of the Rings Online are just a few of the current big hits.

I was trying to update my signature for the forums and realized what I want to post there requires too many characters even though it doesn’t take up as much room. It’s designed to be very slim, but alas it will not fit. I have decided to post my different forum sigs here instead. These should auto update with status changes.

World of Warcraft

City of Heroes

City of Villains

The Destined Duo

CoX Issue 11 has been out for a few weeks & all the new changes have taken place. I have upgraded our Hero and Villain base with the new prestige and am working on a good way to show all of you out of game what it looks like. The Villain base is complete for now, with nothing needing Prestige to add. It has 2/4 teleporters installed with 4/8 possible locations available. I need to level a villain to higher level to unlock the other zones. I even used the Debt wipe to my advantage in getting the 4th beacon from a zone too high a level for me. The Hero base has 4/20 locations and we need more Prestige to add more teleporter rooms for the other teleporter locations.

I also got the chance to tryout some of the new Weapon customizations and Powersets, most notably the Dual Blades. This powerset is unique in that the different powers have added effects based off combos, depending on the order you use the powers. Raoul and I made a Duo team (Destined Hero & Destined Heroine) to level together with him an Earth/Storm controller and I’m a Dual Blades/Willpower scrapper. Our first costume is Pirate based, with ideas for future costumes including Ninjas, Robots, Classic Superheroes, Signature Superheroes, etc. Here is our first costume:

CoH/CoV Updates: Issue 11 & More

We are pleased to announce that Issue 11: A Stitch In Time will be made available on the Live City of Heroes servers on Wednesday, November 28th. All servers will be coming down for extended maintenance starting at 7 AM Eastern (4 AM Pacific) and we estimate they will be back up by 1 PM Eastern (10 AM Pacific).

  • Free Costume Token
    Given the debut of Weapon Customization in Issue 11, a free costume token will be granted to all characters on Wednesday, November 28th with the launch of the Issue.
  • Free Respec
    Additionally, with the many changes to powers included in Issue 11, we will be making a Free Respec available to all characters on Friday, December 7th.
  • Prestige Grant
    Supergroups will receive an additional 20,000 Prestige per Supergroup member on Dec. 10th! This means SGs could acquire up to 3 million Prestige based upon their Supergroup membership roster! This is a one time grant, based strictly on the number of people in the Supergroup at the time the grant is done. Implemented on Monday, December 10th to celebrate the acquisition of the City of Heroes franchise from Cryptic Studios by NCsoft.
  • Debt Wipe
    It’s time to get crazy! We will be clearing out any accrued debt on Dec. 10th! So, get out and find some spectacular ways to take a faceplant! Organize some chaos events and generally have some fun! Implemented on Monday, December 10th to celebrate the acquisition of the City of Heroes franchise from Cryptic Studios by NCsoft.
  • This info was compiled from several news updates. Issue 11 adds new Inventions (including a Respec Recipe), Weapons Customization, 2 new Powersets (Dual Blades & Willpower), & time travel using the new Ouroboros System, which opens the gates to both new and existing content for players. Details found here, along with press releases for Weapon Customization, Respecs, and Acquisition Celebrations.

    Tabula Rasa Beta Update

    Dear Tabula Rasa Beta Tester,

    We’ve got some exciting beta news – There’s been a big content patch! Tons of new
    content has been unlocked, including:

  • Tier 4 Classes
  • New Continent: LIGO
  • Brand new high-level content, never before seen in beta
  • Major crafting system updates
  • Much more!
  • To top that off, we’ve also got a brand new batch of keys for all your friends who
    missed out on the last batch. These are open to all free registered users, here:

    This is your last chance at a sneak peek into Tabula Rasa, so fire up the client,
    grab your buddies and get to blasting the Bane!

    -The FilePlanet Team