New Job

I started a new job last week and am loving it so far. It’s nice to have a challenge again, learning skills that will continue to be useful on down the road.

The company is Manhattan Associates and contrary to what it sounds, I will still be living in Atlanta. The company started in Manhattan Beach, CA hence the name and deals mostly in software for warehouse management. However, this is still only a portion of what we do. The company as a whole develops Supply Chain Solutions for their clients ranging from inventory projections to warehouse optimization, minimizing cost and increasing profit. I am in the Hardware Dept. of the Services division, working closely with the Hardware Sales team to implement and trouble shoot the devices used with the Warehouse Management programs our clients use. This includes computer mainframes, wireless networks, bar code scanners, voice recognition terminals, etc.

To stay competitive we have to research all the new technologies, upgrading where we can, while still supporting the old. This can be challenging, but fun. I look forward to building a career with a great company and team.

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