Next Age of MMOs?

I have been losing interest in WoW lately, only occasionally logging in to PvP with friends when asked. I know the expansion is coming out soon, but I’m sure it’s going to be more of the same. The weekends are spent on CoX (City of Heroes/Villains) or C&C3 (Command & Conquer 3), since this is the best time to game with the friends across the big pond.

I’ve heard good things about a new MMO about to be released, through friends in Closed Beta. Sat night I picked up a Pre-Order at Target and signed up for Open Beta, which starts Sept 7th. I spent several hours researching the classes, lore, and plans for Warhammer Online and am very excited about this new experience. The Target Pre-Order costs $.99 and includes a $5 coupon for the game, Open Beta access, & 2 in game items. I know they don’t really do Pre-Orders through target, but it’s still not a bad deal to just check it out. I also learned there was a misprint on their Open Beta Access keys where O and 0 are actually Q, so if your code won’t validate try using Q instead. It worked for me.

Check out the game here:

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