Project Wiki

JS Wik is the home of my life-long quest for truth.This quest started as an inquiry into a series of what-ifs relative to the bloodline of Christ. From there I unraveled a slew of information that carried me into the history of the Templars and the conspiracy theories connected to them. Studying my personal genealogy as well as that of Christ has brought on many questions relative to the Vatican and the history of The Church.

I seek to unravel many truths relative to each other, while learning how my personal background is linked to world history. This quest will bring forth many new adventures spreading in all different directions. Where ever this path leads I will follow, including all forks. I hope you enjoy traveling with me along these roads – maybe some of you will join me in this search for truth.

The project recently reached new complications through the ever expanding forks that eventually tied into each other. Until this point, I have been using age-old research organization tools like note cards. This has worked well in the past, but when I have to start expanding categories at the top of the cards due to the nature of the information it gets difficult. Some of the cards have less actual information than the list of categories it links with. These complications led me to a new organization strategy – wiki. This form will also allow me to control access to the database, possibly allowing others to contribute their research.

Lord knows what the future holds in store for this project.