CoX Issue 11 has been out for a few weeks & all the new changes have taken place. I have upgraded our Hero and Villain base with the new prestige and am working on a good way to show all of you out of game what it looks like. The Villain base is complete for now, with nothing needing Prestige to add. It has 2/4 teleporters installed with 4/8 possible locations available. I need to level a villain to higher level to unlock the other zones. I even used the Debt wipe to my advantage in getting the 4th beacon from a zone too high a level for me. The Hero base has 4/20 locations and we need more Prestige to add more teleporter rooms for the other teleporter locations.

I also got the chance to tryout some of the new Weapon customizations and Powersets, most notably the Dual Blades. This powerset is unique in that the different powers have added effects based off combos, depending on the order you use the powers. Raoul and I made a Duo team (Destined Hero & Destined Heroine) to level together with him an Earth/Storm controller and I’m a Dual Blades/Willpower scrapper. Our first costume is Pirate based, with ideas for future costumes including Ninjas, Robots, Classic Superheroes, Signature Superheroes, etc. Here is our first costume:

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