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9-19-07 [6:15 PM] A Sad Ending (5335 comments)
I learned today that one of my favorite authors passed away this week, leaving his masterpiece unfinished. I have been looking forward to Robert Jordan's last book of The Wheel of Time series. He passed on all the necessary information to complete this series and I hope that who ever compiles this work does so with grace and dignity. He deserves that.

RIP James Oliver Rigney, Jr.

8-17-07 [4:53 PM] Website Future (5903 comments)
This may be my last post with the website in this form. I have plans for the site that will take it another direction completely. Apparently everyone is using myspace to communicate now and those that read this site have asked me if I use myspace. Considering how often I actually have news to post, I will most likely take the blog there.

As far as the future of the site, I am working on the front-end focus to be a collection of my research. Some of you know what this is all about, some know a very small portion, and others have absolutely nno clue. It will include research on a multitude of matters including geneology, history, philosophy, conspiracy theories, secret societies, church conspiracies, and many other side topics somewhat remotely related to my research. The site will all go into detail on how the project started and all the different directions it has taken me.

I life-long learning process that many others can contribute to and take part in. Perhaps you will learn something of yourself or your history as well.

The extras utilized on this site will still be available, just in a different form. I will clean up the 'work in progress' sections that I once thought I would use and enhance those that are in use.

I'm not sure of the layout, but I plan on keeping it simple and organized, like the current site, with just enough individualism to make it my own. The current color scheme is simple visually, though the layout of it taught me quite a bit about php since it was my first project of this caliber. The new site will include more eye-candy which I love to create, without going so far over the top that it takes too long to load or find anything. So for those of you who have asked, it will not be in flash, though I might make a flash intro from my other site that links here, just for fun.

ETA unknown.

8-17-07 [4:00 PM] Family Values Tour (14413 comments)
This last weekend I attended the Family Values Tour, thanks to a friend who bought the ticket for my birthday. Korn was awesome as always and Evanessence left all their drama offstage to bring out a good show. I'm afraid after this tour some of the band members may be parting. Altreyu surprised me with some new sounds, since I'm not as familiar with them. I expected more from Hellyeah considering their background, but they were little more than decent. I missed the other bands due to food/drink lines and a late arrival due to avoiding the heat.

Alli also visited this weekend, which is always great. She performed Friday night and Jean-Marc and I attended a great show. Catherine and her performed a piece with heavy ballet influence, bringing a new, graceful touch to their routine which I had never seen or heard of being done before. There was also a male duo that surprised everyone with their talent. The venue was great. It was remeniscent of an old, french speak easy with a bohemian touch. It was perfect for the performances that night.

The weekend finished with an extra day off work to spend with Alli. She showed me a bit of what she has been studying in Massage Therapy school and helped me loosin up, which was much needed. She gave good back massages before, but now with training she's great. I'm glad she's found something she enjoys and excells in.

4-13-07 [2:26 PM] Jagermeister Music Tour (7308 comments)
Last night was one of the best concerts I've been to in a long while. Spur of the moment, friend/customer came in about 15 min to close and told me he had an extra ticket to a concert and were headin downtown about an hr later. So I rushed around to finish work, change clothes, and grab a bite. At this point I only knew it was a free ticket to a show downtown and who the headliner was.

It turned out to be a VIP Pass which included open bar, Jager Girls, Jager Reps, backstage pass, Meet & Greet with the bands, and reserved balcony seats overlooking the stage. I met the bands formally and informally, getting autographs, taking pictures, having drinks, and getting all kinds of free stuff like posters and shirts.

Stone Sour was headliner, with Shadows Fall & Lacuna Coil opening. LC is one of my fave bands right now and getting to hang out with the band was awesome. Also, since Jager has become my usual hard liquor and that's all I drank all night I drew the attention of the reps and Jager girls and were hangin out with them all night. Lookin forward to their tour this fall. I'll post some pics as soon as I get them.

3-7-07 [7:55 AM] My Next Car (7237 comments)
I have found the car I am saving for. I don't know when it will release or even if the project will be canned before final launch. This is the Next Gen of my old car. The Toyota FT-HS, a 21st Century Supra for those who don't know.

1-8-07 [2:24 PM] Delayed Update
Ad Spam FTW! At least they give me something else to do while at work. As if I'm not busy enough as is. Speaking of which - the position I have been training for opened at our branch and a freeze was placed on it. This means management is re-evaluating the need for filling the position before interviewing. The regional leader over that position was trying to convince his boss that it was needed, however he has moved on to another department all together, so I don't know where we stand. I am still filling in for that position whenever I can and we're all just waiting for the freeze to be lifted.

New Years was great! It's always good to see old friends, even if only for a short time. Christmas was spent with family and my brother came home with me afterwards. He spent the week in ATL and we drove back up to TN to pickup our sister and drove down to BR New Years Eve. Repeat backwards a couple days later and all of us back to our normal routines. It had been too long since the 3 of us took a road trip together. I'm looking forward to my next BR trip.

I stepped down from leadership of the WoW guild I had been voted as Guild Master. I was over stressed and needed to get back to enjoying the game. With the approach of the next expansion many guilds, including The Citadel, are having problems fielding enough members for raids. Eventually this caused many to leave the guild and find a new home, including me. I joined some old friends in their new home of Ĉon and have been welcomed warmly. I'm looking forward to the new profession Jewelcrafting in the expansion releasing next week. I will also be able to create a Shaman on the Alliane side, since I fell in love with the class on the horde server I played on last year.

I also picked up a new obsession with Guitar Hero 1 & 2 and have been trying to master it, or at least be able to compete with some of you who have been playing since its release. I've gone on a mp3 spree of collecting as much Freezepop as I can. Their sound is very unique and the high energy beats keep me rocking in WoW PvP.

8-23-06 [1:10 PM] Messiah Complex
I checked up on an old friend and his project today, one in which I was lucky enough to be a part of starting at it's inception. Some of you may remember me sitting around the apartment reading pages and pages of manuscript with red-pen in hand. Others witnessed hours in front of the computer reading and re-reading til my eyes filled with tears, occasionally bursting out in laughter.

The project I'm referring to is a book I helped edit for a friend some of you may know - Toby LeBlanc. His book, Messiah Complex, is one of the most thought provoking religiously philisophical I have had the luxury of reading. On top of this, it was a truly enjoyable story with no connections to any specific religon (Eastern or Western Civilizations). I have mentioned this book to many of you and of those that have taken the opportunity to read it, all have loved it.

Today I did some searching on the book's progress, as last I checked the only way to obtain the book was at the LSU Bookstore or direct order from the publisher, Authorhouse. I found it listed with Barnes&Noble.Com at 4/5 star rating with 3 great reviews. I also found this great article written by Tony Fonseca, an author and literature teacher.

Way to go Toby! We'll see it on the best-sellers list soon.

6-27-06 [4:58 PM] July 4th (3774 comments)
Who? you and yours
What? Independence Day Fireworks Blowout
When? umm July 4th evening (startin around dusk to blow up stuff)
Where? Will's parents house (call me if you need directions)
How? fire to fuse + explosives in launch tube = pretty lights in sky
Why? blowin stuff up is fun, drinkin is fun, add friends and its a party

Byob, along with food, friends, & fireworks. Will & I collecting our arsenal, so if you wanna donate some $bling$ for the good stuff we'd appreciate the help in makin it even better. If you need directions, wanna make the above contribution, or donate a keg (or hard liquor) to the fun, feel free to contact me.

6-7-06 [10:16 PM] Progress Report (20934 comments)
I had an interview yesterday for a Roving Service Banker position in our area. This is the job family I have been training for and am ready to move on. The interview went very well and I have the full support of my Teller Manager and Branch Manager (though maybe just cuz they wanna get rid of me). The Regional Service Leader, whom I would be reporting to directly spoke highly of me to the people who interviewed me. They use the STAR method of interviewing in our company, which is basically situational examples in my past relative to ideas/theories of management, how I approached the situation, and the ending results. We also role-played a couple managerial encounters, deftly included in a casual "informal" conversation which I performed well in (judging by the smiles at the end). In the closing remarks I was told I had plenty of technical training, was ahead of schedule on my Individual Development Plan (taking iniative to go beyond requirements), and proved how fast a learner I was, with an ability to overcome technical obstacles while still helping customers efficiently. I was then told that my experience in a management position would be where the true test would be. This was when I brought up my past job experiences of several years if management training and ast. supervisory role with security and then the years before that with mall management. From what I know of the others that applied I'm as good as gold. What I didn't realize before the interview is that the roving position isn't designed just to help fill-in when Service Bankers are on vactation/leave/sick but also to fill in for Branch Managers. This was why so much of the interview was management related.

Otherwise, the new guild in WoW is working our great - progressing at levels no one would have guessed 3 months ago. I'm bombarded with applications all the time and we have to turn most of them down. Several RL friends have returned to WoW and have joined me in the new guild.

Drew and I are leaving in the morn, headin for BR. He and Amanda gettin married this weekend (bout time lol) and this week(end) has/will be busy. Trey & Shani also getin married Fri, but due to my involvement in D&A's I may not make it (will do my best). Ryan & Kat followin up with their own wedding in 2 weeks, but I know for a fact I wont make it due to scheduling conflicts at work - my heart and blessings go with em as always. Lookin forward to next week's visitor from BR and family as well (dunno when or how many as of yet). I also don't know how or when I'm headin to BR for the July Fourth celebration, but I will do what I must to be there.

4-25-06 [2:36 PM] Some people are like Slinkies... (3816 comments)
not really good for anything...
But they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

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